Calculating your carbon footprint 101

Objective and main themes

South Pole consultant Anna Burch takes us through what you need to know to complete your calculations and how to get started. This webinar includes a Q&A session with Anna and Climate Huddle's Pablo Päster.

You will learn:

  • Which gases are considered greenhouse gases

  • What is a GHG inventory and where does it fall on your climate journey 

  • Which resources you need to assign

  • How to define scopes (1,2,3)

  • How to collect the data

  • How to calculate the emissions 

  • How to report the results

Watch the recording below! If you have any questions about GHG accounting or how to get started on taking climate action, add a comment in our community and we'll answer them.


Anna Burch

Anna Burch

ConsultantSouth Pole

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