Introducing the Climate Huddle

July 29, 2022
Pablo Paster eita

The climate crisis requires urgent action by all sectors of society. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 50 percent of GDP in high-income countries and their climate action potential is vastly underutilised. In our research we have found several reasons for this:

  • Many SMEs do not have dedicated sustainability roles and therefore lack the specialised knowledge to quantify their impact, identify reduction opportunities, and communicate their actions to stakeholders effectively. Aka, it’s hard.

  • Consulting and enterprise greenhouse gas management software is intended for large and complex organisations and are too expensive for most smaller companies.

  • The most prominent voluntary reporting scheme, CDP, is targeted towards publicly traded organisations and their supply chain reporting scheme only touches a subset of SMEs.

To further South Pole’s mission to facilitate True Climate Action for All, we have developed the Climate Huddle, a climate impact community specifically designed to support SMEs on their climate journey.

The Climate Huddle is developing tools to help SMEs make their climate impact. We are here to plot a course to net zero emissions by 2050 (or sooner), to identify emission reduction (and cost saving) opportunities, to offset emissions with renewable energy, to compensate for emissions by funding reduction projects elsewhere, and to help communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Let’s examine the components that will make up the Climate Huddle toolkit in greater detail:

Climate Huddle Community

A community platform that allows for the exchange of ideas between SMEs on their climate journey. The forum will be helped by climate action experts from South Pole who can answer questions and gather ideas for future webinars, blog posts, and features. This is where we will begin so that where we go next is defined by members of the community.

Climate Eduction module

We want to start to build an educational platform that covers topics from climate change and greenhouse gas accounting, to carbon offsets and climate communications. Content will be delivered via live webinars, short videos, blog posts, and longer articles to community members, and completion of a course earns them a certificate to display in their LinkedIn profile.

Measurement module

Provides tools for members to assess their greenhouse gas emissions themselves. A Rapid Assessment Tool to allow users to get an overview of their emissions profile by answering a handful of questions, with the option to refine their results.

Roadmap module

Will enable members to plot a course toward net zero emissions by a chosen date. They will be able to set absolute and intensity-based targets, determine reduction goals, and budget for carbon offsets.

Reduction measures module

Will provides sector-specific emission reduction measures that have yielded results for their peers. Participants will be able to submit case studies to share their successes and inspire others to follow.

Compensation module

An integrated marketplace for offsets to allow SMEs to achieve their targets when currently feasible emission reductions aren’t enough. Users will be able to choose from South Pole’s high-quality projects around the world that provide UN Sustainable Development Goal aligned benefits such as biodiversity, womens’ education, and safe drinking water.

Climate action communication

Is all about sharing your climate journey with the world. Users can generate templates for press releases, internal communications, social media and can publish a dashboard that shows commitments and progress in real time and can be accessed via a QR code or hyperlinked badge for placement on the company website or other marketing materials. Users will also supported to make right climate action claims taught to avoid common mistakes and the perception of greenwashing.

Join us

The Climate Huddle team hopes that reading about these modules and our plans gives you a fraction of the excitement that we feel. We hope to see you embark on your climate journey with us soon. Join our waiting list and sign up to receive community invites and our first videos at