Introducing Climate Huddle in German

September 25, 2022
Lisa Fritsch

Climate Huddle is first and foremost a community. We are here to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the answers they need to act on their climate journey. This community is designed to allow you to educate yourself, share experiences, engage with our experts, and connect with other members about their businesses’ climate journeys. This article will outline what you can expect when you join the Climate Huddle community. 

Ask questions, get answers 

As a community member, you can post questions and start discussion threads. No question is too small: ask away, we are here to help! Whether you want to ask something specific to your climate journey or would like more information about an article or blog post topic, our team is here to give you answers, direct you to resources, and share best practices. We then create articles, videos, or workshops based on what you, members of the community, need to know.

Share successes and challenges

The Huddle Community is also a great place to share successes and workshop challenges. Chances are, if you’re struggling with a specific part of your climate journey, someone else is, too. In our discussion forums, you can connect with peers to share experiences and learn from each other, all while being supported by our climate experts. 

Educational resources

Our educational blogs focus on the different stages of your climate journey, including measuring your footprint, setting targets, reducing emissions, compensating for emissions, and communicating your progress (learn more about what those terms mean here). We are writing a variety of 101 blogs and glossaries, as well as more in-depth articles which you can read once you understand the basics. These include actionable steps that your organisation can take so that you can get started as soon as you’re ready. The more questions you ask, the more answers we can give! We will continue to grow our knowledge base as we grow our community. 

Climate news and thought leadership

The Huddle Community is also where our team shares climate news, thought leadership, and articles relevant to SMBs. We invite sustainability experts from within South Pole to talk about their speciality – in the context of SMBs – so that you and other members of Climate Huddle can benefit from the latest information on climate action, with the option to go deeper if you want to. 

Climate tool previews and interactive webinars

We know that reading page after page of ‘documentation’ can be a lot. Our team provides live and pre-recorded demos to help you make the most of the climate tools we have available. We host monthly webinars that include live Q&A sessions so you can get the answers you need in real-time. If we don't know, we'll consult our climate experts and do our best to find the answer for you. 

Find inspiration

Through the articles, discussion forums, and webinars, we hope that you will find inspiration for your climate journey and be encouraged to continue taking action on climate. 

Excited to join the Huddle?

Join the community here! If you still aren’t sure whether it’s right for you, feel free to reach out to us at .

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